Tuesday, June 26, 2012


So, I have been shortlisted for Angela Carter competition hosted by House of Illustration and Folio Society. The task was to do one illustration from three stories in the book, as well as an idea for the cover.
I am in the top six, and my work will be exhibited at the Collyer Bristol Gallery in London, from the 3rd of July! Exciting stuff!
The Bloody Chamber is a dark and sensual book, and every scene is written so you have a very vivid experience of it.
The challenge as an illustrator, was to go beyond the book and add something more to it with your images. As the text is already so rich, I focused on giving a sense of the unease that runs through all the stories, by working with stark crops as well as abstracts landscapes and compositions.
Here they are:

                           The bloody Chamber

                           Company of Wolves

                            Puss in Boots.

.... and the cover. This would be printed on fabric, so the plain surface would have a lovely texture.

What do you guys think?