Friday, October 12, 2012


The pace at school has picked up a lot recently, with two quick projects; a 24 hour project (all-nighter) and a 48 hour one.
The above is from the latter project. The subjects was biomimetics; in other words, looking to nature to find ways to solve problems in engineering, production and design.
During my research on the subject, I came across something called fractals. Now, I am no specialist, but explained simply, it is the idea that most things in nature can be boiled down to patterns formed of Euclidian shapes, such as triangles, squares and circles.
My approach in my project was then experimental: I wanted to use the same method as nature, if you will, and build my images from shapes and patterns, rather than sketches and lines, as I normally do.

It was difficult but really thrilling to try out a whole new way of working - especially in such a short and intense time span. You will be seeing more triangles in my work in the future, I think.