Wednesday, August 15, 2012


So, in July one of my best friends and my boyfriend, decided to go on a hiking trip together in Lapland.
Listening to their debates on whether or not eating rice before your journey makes you repel mosquitos, I started to wonder about how the wilderness might test their communication skills.

And so, this project came about:

----- click on the images for higher resolution -----

They are all double page spreads and I managed to put together a book for each of them, for their birthdays (maybe I'll manage a picture of one in the future).
Even though it was just a silly little idea this was based on, it was great having a personal illustration-based summer project outside of my internship, which is often very graphics and animation based.
I was also really excited to drap the Lapland landscape from the second spread; I think I have to start including more scenery into my future projects.