Thursday, May 19, 2011

Out of hiding

So, I have been neglecting putting any work online for the last month, as I have been incredibly busy pretty much around the clock. Mainly, actually, with producing new artwork.

I recently applied for an MA in illustration. As part the application, you had to produce a series of images on the theme home / homelessness. I chose to do an excerpt from a children's book, which would deal with the difficulties of moving to a new country and creating a new home there.
The book chronicles a little girl, Sara, who, along with her parents, are moving to London.

This is one of the final sketches. This is what it looked like when I first scanned it into the computer

And the 6 final images. The text might be a bit hard to read, as the originals are A3. Just click on the images for full view.

The two weeks I had to produce this in were pretty manic; I scrapped my original idea day five, and did this instead in 7 days.
I tried to make it playful, and fun, though still educational; I hope it shows.